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The Ni ([personal profile] papirini) wrote2011-06-20 11:00 pm

Tweets for Today

  • 11:46 @yugiohtas You need to stop making deals with midget sea witches man :| #
  • 11:47 Owwwww, I think one of the cysts on my head is partly ripped open from when I brushed my hair this morning. It hurts. And is itchyyy owww. #
  • 12:16 @Ghifto Say what we may, but Ryan Dunn died as he lived. Insanely. #
  • 21:34 I...suddenly feel like crap. #
  • 21:36 I feel like nothing good ever really happens, and that the bad stuff is never going to end. #
  • 22:06 I...I just don't know anymore. #
  • 22:07 Maybe it's because of session, or just everything. I seriously have no clue. #
  • 22:23 @chibaofthemoon *hug* #
  • 23:29 GOODY. Good news: Crisis has been averted on something we were working on at work. Bad news: we're still going to be here "quite a while" #
  • 23:37 @chibaofthemoon The even better news is that somehow I'm only speaking in quasi-gibberish from all the work I've been putting in #
  • 23:38 @chibaofthemoon As opposed to full-on insane gibberish, I can still speak somewhat coherently even after working 20-hour shifts. Mostly. B\ #
  • 23:39 @chibaofthemoon Can I get a cookie with my double bonus? #
  • 23:40 @chibaofthemoon Yes. 20-hour shifts. On the average. The past two weeks. EVERY OTHER NIGHT. Welcome to my job. :| #
  • 23:41 @chibaofthemoon ...A double bonus chewy choccy chip with M&M's cookie!? #
  • 23:43 @chibaofthemoon I'm working for the NYS legislature, basically. The guys who might/might not pass gay marriage legislation this year. #
  • 23:43 @chibaofthemoon This kind of thing is normal for me, especially during March. The June insanity USUALLY ends earlier...but... #
  • 23:45 @chibaofthemoon the last two years we had Paterson/Espada's takeover attempt/the month of 6,900 vetoes, so it went even longer. #
  • 23:46 @chibaofthemoon Yeah, here's to hoping it's not insane like last year. Also I get dibs on the cookie. #
  • 23:47 @chibaofthemoon Ugh yes, and then came the awesome part where Paterson started signing his zillions of vetoes AT 3 AM AND WE HAD TO STAY *_* #
  • 23:47 @chibaofthemoon Two then? :o #
  • 23:53 @chibaofthemoon Om om :D #
  • 23:59 ffff they just let us out #
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